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It’s common sense, there is not one insurance company that can offer the best solutions for everyone, nor is there one insurance company that will always be the best fit for anyone as their needs change over time. The Bethea Insurance Group, LLC has direct access to a stable of the insurance industry’s most respected carries, and each carrier has a niche where are they are indeed the most competitive in terms of both pricing and coverage. Our Private Client Services Team has mastered the fine art of tailoring each our of client’s policies with the carriers that best suit their specific needs whether it be for a custom home, exotic car, antique wooden boat, wine cellar, or an estate collection of fine art, and we manage this portfolio as our clients’ needs evolve over time due to marriage, divorce, relocation, moving violations and claim activity, or the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. We understand that insurance is intangible until it is needed, and that is why our Private Client Services Team proactively manages each of our client’s policies to make sure coverage is properly and securely in place long before a claim is ever filed.